Alligators are to be called on for clarity in dreams and life.

When the world first began, according to legend, nothing but birds and animals lived on the earth. All of them could talk. One day the birds set a date to play ball. The birds, large and small, gathered on the day arranged. One large, strong bird threw the ball higher than anyone else had. An old alligator was lying in the sun watching the birds play. He was angry because he was not invited to play with them. When he saw the ball go high into the air, he made magic and kept it in mid air. All the birds flew about trying to bring the ball back to earth, but it could not come down. After a long time, the alligator let the ball drop, and caught it in his mouth. The birds tried in vain to pry his mouth open. A wise cunning eagle sat on a rock and watched the weak, helpless little birds fluttering around the great reptile, begging him to return their ball. Finally he decided to help. He flew down and pinched the alligator’s back with his sharp claws. The alligator was so surprised his mouth flew wide open and he hissed “Ah-ah-ah!” at the eagle. As he hissed, the ball dropped out of his mouth, the birds quickly seized it and flew away. That is the reason the alligator opens his mouth and hisses “Ah-ah-ah!” to this day when he is surprised.


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