The lion means strength and balance since they rule both day and night.
In the early days when the world was new, many animals roamed the lands. Among those animals was the lion. Wherever the lion went, if he saw a rabbit, all he had to do was pick it up and swallow it.

One day, the old rabbit said to himself, "If I don't do something about the lion, he is going to eat all the rabbits and there won't be any more of us around."
The rabbit tried to think of what he could do to get rid of the lion. He thought and thought and then started jumping up and down. "I know what I can do," said the rabbit, who was full of lies. "If I could get to the other side of the ocean and tie it to this side, I could get rid of the lion."

So the rabbit got a rope and tied it to the other side of the ocean and pulled the land closer and closer. Then he went in search of the lion. He saw him lying under a big tree, full from his dinner. The old rabbit jumped up and asked the lion how he was.
"Hi!" said the rabbit. "I bet I can jump further than you. I might be little, but oh how I can jump."

The lion laughed but the rabbit would not let him rest. Finally the lion told the rabbit that as soon as he jumped further, he was going to eat him.
They went to the water and the rabbit pointed to the rope and told the lion that he had tied the two lands together. The rabbit told the lion that he would loosen the rope and make it further apart and they would jump until they had a winner. So away they went jumping along.

The rabbit loosened the rope and the two lands where far apart and he knew he could jump no further. He told the lion to jump and the lion barely made it to the other side. Then the rabbit ran to get the axe and chopped the rope.
Away went the land to the other side of the ocean, and the lion with it. The rabbit got rid of the lion this way, and that is why we don't have lions on this side of the ocean eating rabbits.


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