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housewares gift set

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housewares gift set

includes 4 pot holders and 2 dish towels

Dish Towels: This is a silhouette of 'littles', one of my chickens, on top of the coop. She passed so I created this to honor her spunky spirit! 100% osnaburg cotton aka flour sack fabric (softer and more absorbent) fabric is all natural, unbleached, and made in us handmade and printed by me (vonnie stoneface) apx 16" x 21" each, sizes vary slightly since I cut and sew each one, includes two napkins.

Pot holers: Made from upholstery remnants, used jeans, and deer suede loop to hang. Machine wash cool, line dry. Use denim side towards warm handles. Made by me, vonnie stoneface.