trading post

Items are traded in-person only .
I always have an item to trade so please make an offer!


hand carved buffalo bone spear with deer leather (left)
horse hair bracelet with deer leather and brass cones (right)
hand-picked & bound sage
traded: for a jar of local made honey!
Thank you, Thank you!!!
wolf toe bone necklace
traded: for someone who walks everyday with two wolves

badger claw book marker
traded: for a very inspirational personal story...hope you continue to move forward!!!
and thank you


deer leather fringe key chain with silver
traded: for a magic show! Amazing!!! Thank you Alex!!

dentaluim shells to honor traditions (Native pride)
traded: for a funny bad joke! Thank you for the laugh!
(Oakland pride, Sunday sept 13)



bob cat bone with elk leather, tin cones, and pewter cat charm
traded: neighbor for letting me pet her cats.


Thank you for the funny stories trading buddies!!!

Laughing beats money any day!!



maple leaf and marley sharing