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stoneface project

altar kit

altar kit

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These boxes are limited edition and made by us two sister's that needed a way to heal through troubled times. We put a lot of good JuJu into the making of these unique boxes!

Alters can be set up inside or outside of your house, on a table or windowsill. They can be as minimal or as elaborate as you wish. The idea is to have a special area set up with all of these curated and beautiful items to either honor loved ones, set intentions, such as protection, love, prosperity, to name a few. The five elements we offer in this curated kit includes: 
~A besom or witches broom ordained with an amethyst crystal (amethyst is said to help aid in anxiety and depression, a calming stone of peace, may also be mind clearing and a dream soother), the broom is for clearing the energy in your working space.
~Herbal eye mask to place on eyes while grounding and setting intentions for your alter work.
~Mini protection essential oil blend.
~Astrology wheel of the year to get a better understanding of the earth and sky.
~Upcycled mini wood Eye of Protection to place on your alter.
~The five elements offered in this kit are metal (selenite wand and moss agate mini mushroom), fire (assortment of small pillar candles), earth (black salt, may be used for protection, clearing negative energy, cleanses and purifies; another earth element you can add is dirt, clay, or terracotta), water (our special small batch of Florida water made during winter of 2023 under a New Moon, made with local herbs and botanical grape alcohol, can be used on the hands and body as a fragrance, in a bath. Not to be used on the face. 

Curated by
Skin & Blisters Apothecary ( Tuesday Cohen and her Sister)- Oakland, CA

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