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stoneface project

wash cloth - multipurpose

wash cloth - multipurpose

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wash cloth - multipurpose 

I originally began making these wash clothes as reusable wipes for my baby grand niece bottom but they can be used for face and body and as reusable un-paper towels.

now made in an array of patterns and colors so you can dedicate a pattern for each use.

this is such a great sustainable method, no matter what your use. when it is no logger useable, simply cut it up and compost.

made from 100% cotton terrycloth and 100% cotton flannelette patterns printed in the United States.

size: approximately 9-1/2 to 10 inch squares. my mom helps me make these sometimes so they aren't always truly square. don't worry, I do check each one to make sure they are sewn correctly.

handmade by me vonnie stoneface and my 83 year old mother.

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